Subliminal Images

Subliminal Images

Subliminal Images is a software that does just what its name says
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Subliminal Images is a software that does just what its name says. It shows you a series of images really fast trying to send you a subliminal message. Initially the program was developed by order of one of the well-known fast food companies and the first release was able to work in background mode only. Now Subliminal Images has been improved and every user can change, add or remove images. The pictures can be in .jpg or .bmp format. Besides selecting the images you can also customize the display frequency and the location of the pictures in the screen choosing between center or random. The software is really easy to use and has a very user friendly interface. The objective of Subliminal Images is for people to use it for self-help or self-hypnosis, which in theory can be very effective. It is a really interesting and original software but it is not free, you can download it and try in for only seven days. After the trial expires if you want to keep using it you will have to buy it for U$S 29.95

Claudia Liliana Timmer
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  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Original idea


  • Seven day trial
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